Is Lagos Ready for the Women’s World Cup?

Is Lagos Ready for the Women’s World Cup?

Babjide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos in Nigeria, guarantees absolute safety of participants and visitors of the Under-20 Women World Cup in 2020.

The trilateral meeting between the FIFA, NFF, and the governor focused on Lagos hosting the competition next year. The Federation Internationale de Football Association committee inspected the sporting facilities prior to the meeting.

Sanwo-Olu assured the FIFA officials that Lagos authorities would improve the current condition of the sites further and make sure that all the participants had a comfortable and rewarding experience. The city would be delighted to be the event’s host.

In his statement, he pointed out the diversity that the city had to offer and the energy and resourcefulness of its residents. He advised that Lagos was very thrilled to be considered to host such an important tournament. The insight into the issues and the significance of the hospitality aspect is what makes Lagos an excellent choice, Sanwo-Olu concluded.

Concerns are understandable, but the governor is confident that the city can provide everything required to organize a successful event. That will include the security of all participants and supporting FIFA and NFF in terms of logistics, transportation, crowd-management, and accommodation.

The government in Lagos sees the sport as a way in which young people can gain opportunities. In fact, it is their agenda for development. The country’s sports commission is expediting this plan and using it as a corrective narrative as well.

Amaju Pinnick, the chairman of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) praised the Lagos government as a restless sports promoter. Also, he gave credit to Governor Sanwo-Olu for his contribution to the results the national team achieved on Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt recently.

Hosting the U-20 Women’s World Cup would be beneficial to Nigerian football and may give the boost to their female team for winning the trophy next year, according to Pinnick. He spoke highly of the female football teams, especially their dedication and patriotism.

He believes that the FIFA delegation was satisfied with what they saw during the visit. Nigeria has hosted many sports events before and is as ever ready to welcome sports lovers and athletes.